By People Staff
February 04, 1980 12:00 PM

Roger Whittaker

A Kenya-born Briton, Whittaker oozes wholesome, manly sincerity. His deep, Robert Goulet-like baritone proclaims it as much as the look-the-camera-in-the-eye jacket photographs. His wife, Natalie, even runs his fan club. In the U.S., however, he has been able to build only a little on the success of his seafaring single The Last Farewell, which became a minor cult hit in 1975 (maybe there is a sincerity cult). His voice on this album is typically resonant and sturdy, and the material—tunes such as his own You Are My Miracle and Call My Name and Dave Loggins’ Please Come to Boston—is typically uplifting. It’s a little sterile, though. One gets the feeling that if synthesizers ever get down to mimicking human voices, one of them will sound like this.