April 01, 1991 12:00 PM

Mind Funk

The first thing you think when you hear that name is that you are in for yet another of those new white-punk-funk bands following in the crowded wake of Faith No More and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

But this new northern New Jersey-based group, made up of former members of M.O.D., Celtic Frost and Uniform Choice, is less antic, more metallic and more rock oriented. With one notable exception. “Touch Me,” their hue is derived more from the Black Sabbath school than from the suddenly seminal Royal Crescent Mob.

The swarthy, if at times forbidding, power rock of Mind Funk, evident on such songs as “Fire,” “Sugar Ain’t So Sweet” and “Bring It On,” rests on the tungsten-guitar foundation of Louis Svitek and Jason Coppola. Lead singer Pat Dubar is most remarkable for his restraint. While he clearly has air-raid-siren potential, most of the time he’s actually singing like a human being.

The band’s thrash-hard-core roots are evident on such maximum-overdrive songs as “Ride & Drive” and “Blood Runs Red.” But in general, this is old-fashioned gothic hard rock: nasty, fitful and brooding. (Epic)

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