November 25, 1991 12:00 PM

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In publishing they call them airport novels—those silly, trashy books that will amuse you just until your plane lands. This is the TV equivalent—fun if viewed with an appropriate sense of kitsch. This two-part, four-hour film is based on a best-seller by Sidney Sheldon and stars the mistress of miniseries, Jane Seymour, as a glamorous amnesiac taken in by nuns.

Her memory holds some deep secret about a ruthless shipping magnate (Omar Sharif). Soon certain men want to make love to her to find that secret. Others want to bury the secret and her along with it. There are murders, exotic locales and opportunities for Seymour to bat her eyes and look anguished. Not socially redeeming, but this isn’t PBS. It’s just a way to enjoy an airport novel without paying airfare.

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