September 21, 2009 12:00 PM

>• The actress, 41, resurrected her character Sydney for the CW’s Melrose revamp—but in the premiere episode, she was shockingly killed off (again!).

WAS IT HARD KEEPING YOUR DEATH A SECRET? Yeah, it’s been difficult; I’ve had to choose my words carefully. The shock value was important. It’s easier now that the cat is completely out of the bag. Now my story will be told sort of in retrospect by using flashbacks.

SYDNEY DIED ONCE BEFORE. IS SHE REALLY DEAD THIS TIME? As far as I know, she really is dead. This was just a unique way to launch the new show, and we’ll see where it takes us.

WOULD YOUR HUSBAND [DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ DOUG SAVANT] ALSO BE UP FOR REVISITING HIS OLD CHARACTER, MATT? He’s definitely willing, but of course he’s really busy on his own show. It would just have to make sense in the story. It would be so great to see all of us back at some point.

DID YOUR KIDS WATCH THE NEW SHOW? We have two teenage daughters, and I showed them the pilot, and they loved it. They realized I might have love scenes with the younger guys and went, “Ewww, that’s awkward!” I think they were shocked to find out Sydney was such a bad girl.

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