October 29, 2007 12:00 PM

• The Australian actress, 31, bravely battles the undead in 30 Days of Night. It’s aliens and zombies that creep her out.

WAS FILMING AS COLD AS IT LOOKED? Inside the studio it was boiling, which was terrible because I had that big fur jacket. But outside in New Zealand was freezing. I needed to have hot tea before “Action!” because my lips were frozen.

IT MUST HAVE BEEN NICE GAZING AT JOSH HARTNETT INSTEAD OF THOSE UGLY VAMPIRES. Fantastic! My list of leading men is so good: Josh Hartnett, Clive Owen, John Cusack. It’s lovely.

WHAT MOVIES FREAK YOU OUT? 28 Days Later. I was a mess. And remember when Mel Gibson put his hand under the door in Signs and that thing was there? [Stuff] like that could happen to me. There could be somebody in my laundry when I get home, or under my bed … Oh, God, I don’t want to go home now!

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