Picks and Pans Review: Meet the New Menudo!

With members chosen from the reality show Making Menudo, Ricky Martin’s old boy band is reborn with new EP More Than Words (A E I O U). Here’s a rundown on who’s who (from left).

JOSÉ “MONTI” MONTAÑEZ AGE: 18 HOMETOWN: Born in Caguas, Puerto Rico; resides in Laredo, Texas MUSICAL STYLE: Latin RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single. “All five of us are still single and waiting for that special one.”

JOSÉ BORDONADA COLLAZO AGE: 15 HOMETOWN: Manatí, Puerto Rico MUSICAL STYLE: Pop SECRET OBSESSION: “I always wear Mickey Mouse slippers. They’re like Mickey Mouse feet.”

CHRIS MOY AGE: 15 HOMETOWN: The Bronx, N.Y. MUSICAL STYLE: R&B MUSICAL IDOL: Ne-Yo. “He’s an amazing songwriter and singer. I would kill to work with him.”

CARLOS OLIVERO AGE: 18 HOMETOWN: Chicago MUSICAL STYLE: Urban/Hip-hop CELEB CRUSH: Jessica Alba. “I’m in love with her. I was heartbroken [to hear she was pregnant].”

EMMANUEL VÉLEZ PAGAN AGE: 17 HOMETOWN: Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico MUSICAL STYLE: Reggaeton BIGGEST INFLUENCE: ‘N Sync. “All five brought something special to the group.”

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