By Kevin O'Donnell and Jessica Herndon
Updated May 13, 2013 12:00 PM

>You performed at the 2012 Olympics. Highlights?

I was so nervous before I went on that I forgot the words and had to look them up. Somehow it came back to me when I reached the mic. I was euphoric!

You studied neuroscience. Ever miss medical school?

When I watch House, memories will come back to me, and I’ll be like, “I want to go back.”

Your first name is actually Adele. Does anyone still call you that?

My mom and dad. After my single was released in the U.K., I got a tweet from Adele. That was a massive deal for me. She’s amazing.

Who’s offered the best advice?

I performed at Elton John’s Oscar party, and he said, “Tour, hustle and write.” He was so supportive. I was completely starstruck!