By Oliver Jones Emily Strohm Janine Rubenstein
August 26, 2013 12:00 PM


Were you surprised you got to come back on the show? Most guest stars get killed off.

I wanted to create a character who is that manipulative killer but also that people would hopefully like and would want to see survive. So it’s nice to be able to survive into another season. It’s not something I expected.

Are you as tough as your character Hannah?

I try to be a tough girl. I’m terribly scared of waves in the ocean, but I went surfing for my birthday and was determined to stand up. I rode two waves.

You were just at Comic-Con. Did you get starstruck at all?

At my very first Comic-Con a few years ago, I ran into Joshua Jackson, and I was so excited. Pacey was my favorite character on Dawson’s Creek!

You’re from Australia. Is it very different living in L.A.?

The lifestyle here is so different and can be a little crazy. Driving all the time! Even though we’re both English-speaking countries, there’s definitely a huge cultural difference.

What do you do during your downtime?

I go to the beach, hike or relax on the couch with reality TV. My guiltiest pleasure currently is [Bravo’s] Below Deck, but don’t tell anyone!