December 02, 1991 12:00 PM

Showtime (Sun., Dec. 1, 10 P.M. ET)


As someone who finds Julie Brown’s brassy bimbette act on MTV obnoxious, I was shocked when this, her spool of Madonna s Truth or Dare film, turned out to be one of the funniest comedy specials of the year. It’s amazing how little manipulation it takes for Brown to turn Madonna into an immaterial girl, an arrogant, tantrum-throwing winner. “Other patients!” she screams at her shrink. “You’re seeing other patients?”

The costumes, the Crisco disco music (especially “Vague”) and the tacky stage spectacle are all dead-on. Instead of Kevin Costner, it’s Bobcat Goldthwait who comes backstage to tell the platinum bombshell her show was “neat,” triggering Medusa’s gag reflex. And Chris (Get a Life) Elliot is a scream as the tour choreographer. The humor is too obvious to threaten Spinal Tap as a satirical rockumentary. But unlike last week’s episode of Blossom, which also tried to satirize Truth or Dare, this show hits with some jabs that are scathingly funny.

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