August 06, 1979 12:00 PM

Though he’s relegated to fifth or sixth banana, Bill Murray is one of Saturday Night Live’s most subtle and winning performers. Still, he can’t quite carry this movie about summer camp alone. It seems aimed at the second-adolescence market, a la Animal House, whose producer, Ivan Reitman, directed Meatballs. But this outing lacks energy and is excessively tasteless. The jokes are camp clichés: menstruation, a klutzy counselor named “Spaz,” an obese kid who’s always snacking, and worse. Murray is charming enough, mixing world-weariness with put-ons of other put-ons, as in his pep talk during an intercamp olympiad. There are also droll moments provided by Kate Lynch and soft-core porn starlet Kristine DeBell as counselors and Chris Makepeace, 15, as a lonely boy camper. Fact is, any real summer camp is a lot funnier than this, and less offensive. (PG)

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