By People Staff
December 19, 2005 12:00 PM

SIMON STAYS Yesterday, there didn’t seem to be a single reason to get out of bed. But now American Idol’s Simon Cowell, in addition to settling a tangled legal battle with the show’s British creator, has upped for at least five more seasons with the singing contest, which premieres Jan. 17. Who could ever replace him? Maybe Desperate Housewives’ Roger Bart.

AND DONALD MOVES The fourth season of Donald Trump’s Apprentice concludes Dec. 15, the fifth season is already shot, and now a sixth season has been announced with a twist: The production will head west, to L.A. Maybe they should kick things up one more notch and set it in the old West, the wild one. Losers would be shot and left in the dust.

COULDN’T GET ARRESTED It’ll be a short third season for FOX’s ratings-challenged Arrested Development: 13 episodes. Why hasn’t this brilliant show ever caught on, despite critical acclaim, a great cast and inspired loopiness? Theory: its dependence on voice-over narration (provided by executive producer Ron Howard). Any given episode has enough exposition to map out The Forsyte Saga.