October 07, 1991 12:00 PM

Christopher Walken, Maria Conchita Alonso

Nothing can stop the people whose time has come!” cries Alonso. May be not, Maria, but let’s try. Walken, a New York City ironmonger of considerable resource, sets out to repay the Latino who saved his life in Vietnam by taking up his slain friend’s cudgels and—no kidding, now—overthrowing the President of Colombia and the drug lords who support him. He does so by rounding up his dirty half-dozen from Nam, kidnapping a mob boss to extort $10 million for a war chest, obliterating a fortified Colombian drug-processing farm, knocking out half the Colombian Air Force with hand-held Stinger missiles, then overrunning the Bogotá palace. (As it turns out, the numero uno drug lord is a husky Nordic named Hans. We can only suppose that the producers finally decided not to offend the Medellín Cartel Antidefamation League.)

See McBain if you must, but be warned: It’s so exhausting, you shouldn’t drive or operate Stinger missiles for at least two hours afterward. (R)

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