September 10, 2001 12:00 PM

The WB (Fridays, 8:30 p.m. ET)

It dawned on The WB that the originally announced Maybe I’m Adopted was an unfortunate title for this sitcom about a teenager embarrassed by her eccentric family. Too bad the rethinking didn’t go further.

This is a household where Grandma (Ellen Albertini Dow) hides fruit under the sofa cushion in the Sept. 14 premiere. Yet someone evidently thought the show wouldn’t be quirky enough without pop-up graphics that fairly scream, “Offbeat!” So when 15-year-old Molly (Reagan Dale Neis) tries on different ensembles to catch the eye of a boy she likes, a sign points out her “15th outfit change.” And a “yikes meter” appears when Mom (Saturday Night Live alum Julia Sweeney) announces plans to have the lad over for a sure-to-be-disastrous dinner.

There are comic assets amid the clutter: Molly’s faintly sinister twin sisters (Daniella and Deanna Cantermen); Patrick Levis as the brother who aspires to Christian-rock stardom; and dependable Fred Willard as Dad, who lives to coach girls’ soccer. But—yikes!—cut the gimmickry.

Bottom Line: A maybe at most

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