March 11, 1996 12:00 PM

by Gayle Lynds

Page-Turner of the Week

SEAT BELTS HASTENED? Fingers ready? Belief suspended? Then, let’s go. Liz Sansborough opens her eyes one day in a room she doesn’t recognize, with a man she also doesn’t recognize who claims to be her fiancé. She has had an accident, the man tells her—that’s why she can’t remember anything. But Liz (if that’s her real name) has more to contend with than amnesia in this generally effective thriller. She’s up against a nefarious crowd, chief among them a doctor experimenting with mind-altering drugs and the aristocratic deputy CIA director, who’s managing a hush-hush global corporation. With help from a renegade. CIA agent, Liz runs for her identity and for her life. Masquerade falters when Lynds tables the action for clumsily wrought romantic encounters and pontifications about the nature of evil. Cut, please, to the chase. (Doubleday, $22.95)

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