Picks and Pans Review: Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Raising the Bar and (gasp!) Cutting the Hair

>• The actor, 35, shed his clean-cut image to play a freewheeling, long-haired lawyer on TNT’s Raising the Bar. As the new season starts June 8, he’s more groomed—but still untamed.

YOUR LONG HAIR WAS DISCUSSED—EVEN HEATEDLY. I was surprised. Every blog was about hair, and I kept going, “Really?” Personally, I didn’t care.

WHAT ABOUT YOUR WIFE? Oh, my wife [Lisa, 38] hated it. She was very honest.

SO WHERE ARE YOU ON THE ACTORS’ VANITY SCALE? You have to be vain in a way, because it’s your job. But I live outside the city. I try to live quietly. I have a beautiful home and a beautiful family [Michael, 5, and Ava, 3], and I enjoy those things.

YOU STILL LOOK LIKE ZACK MORRIS! UP FOR A SAVED BY THE BELL REUNION? If it’s done in a fun way. But I’m gonna need love to commit to it!

Updated by Lisa Ingrassia
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