April 24, 1989 12:00 PM

TNT (Mon., April 24,8 P.M. ET)


All too often, TV moviemakers think that a two-hour review of the major events in a famous person’s life is sufficient for a film. Witness this cavalcade that has Far-rah Fawcett as Margaret Bourke-White, the legendary LIFE photographer, marching through lots of big events: the beginning of her career, the founding of a few magazines, the Depression, World War II and marriage to writer Erskine Caldwell (played by that old standby Frederic Forrest). The show is respectably performed and shot. But it is not a real biography with any strong perspective on the woman; it is only a randomly selected chronology. And it is not nearly imaginative enough in its use of Bourke-White’s dramatic old black-and-white photographs. (I suppose we should at least be grateful that Ted Turner’s network didn’t try to colorize them.)

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