February 10, 2014 12:00 PM



What made you want to return to television after leaving CSI in early 2012?

I thought the script was just so fun and smart. I thought it really lived up to the name Intelligence. And I love the position of power my character is in [as the director of a government cybersecurity agency].

Did you get any special training?

I was going to visit the NSA, but it was the week after Edward Snowden leaked all that classified information, so that was put on hold. But I got to meet with the former heads of the NSA and CIA. I can’t imagine having to make the decisions they do in the middle of the night!

The recent photos of you in a bikini on vacation caused quite a stir.

I can’t believe that has gotten so much attention. That beach on St. Bart’s is lovely, but it attracts a lot of paparazzi and you don’t even see them. If I’d known they were there, I would’ve put on some makeup. But who does that at the beach?

Well, you’re obviously in great shape!

Even if I weren’t an actress, I think that I would always be in shape because I feel so much better being physically active and doing my yoga.

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