By Leah Rozen
September 08, 2003 12:00 PM

Lisa Kudrow, Damon Wayans

This is a messy disaster at which you can only scratch your head and mutter, “What were they thinking?” What they—writer Paul Rudnick (In & Out) and director Richard Benjamin (Mrs.Winterbourne)—obviously had in their noggins was to poke fun at gangsta rap, corporate greed, public watchdogs and spoiled socialites (here, a Jewish one), all at the same time. But the result is a misfire of a satire unlikely to show up on the résumés of anyone involved.

Kudrow plays Marci, a ditsy heiress who falls for Dr. S (Wayans), a trash-talking rapper who records for a label owned by Marci’s dad’s megacorporation. They unite against a publicity-seeking senator (Christine Baranski) who wants to ban Dr. S’s music. Satire must be grounded in reality to work, and nothing and no one here remotely resembles real life. Except, that is, for a wicked parody of a boy band, featuring a prancing group of fetching youths collectively called Boyz ‘R’ Us. (R) BOTTOM LINE: X-tremely lousy