and Paul Chi
August 24, 2009 12:00 PM

>As ambitious advertising-copywriter Peggy Olson on the AMC drama, the Emmy nominee, 27, knows her way around a good ad campaign: “I like commercials that make me think or laugh,” she says. With input from her Saturday Night Live fiancé Fred Armisen (“Being engaged fits us like a glove,” she says), Moss picks her top TV ads.

APPLE, “THINK DIFFERENT” (1997) I love the idea behind this. It makes me feel proud about what I do and makes me want to do it better.

GEICO, “AIRPORT” (2006) I like when there’s no dialogue. The way the caveman expresses his anger and frustration at the ad makes me laugh.

APPLE, “1984” (1984) This is my favorite. It’s the most moving and artistic ad I’ve seen: intense, raw and unlike any other. A work of art.

COCA-COLA, “ARCTIC BEACH PARTY” (2005) Just the fact that I remembered it makes it good. And who doesn’t like polar bears?

IKEA, “LAMP” (2002) My fiancé recommended this. It’s funny and made me feel real sympathy for the lamp. The ending nails me!

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