April 09, 1984 12:00 PM

by Turner Browne and Elaine Partnow

Photography is relatively young—what’s a century or so in these fast-moving times?—but this list of its most significant practitioners fills 684 pages. Some major figures are omitted; the late Gjon Mili, a pioneer in stroboscopic techniques, is missing, for instance. But the volume does include historians, inventors, museum directors and critics who have been active in photography. Its best part is a portfolio of classic images: a city street scene by Stieglitz (1896), Lartigue’s brother in his tire boat (1911), an Ansel Adams mountainscape (1944), Paul Strand’s magnificent Italian family (1953) and Diane Arbus’ haunting Mexican midget from 1970. (Macmillan, $45)

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