By Peter Travers
November 21, 1988 12:00 PM

>IRON EAGLE II And you thought Lou Gossett was tough in ’86 as an Air Force colonel saving a downed pilot in the Middle East? Ha! Now he’s heading a joint U.S.-Soviet mission to prevent nuclear holocaust. Don’t action heroes play for small stakes anymore?

THEY LIVE Aliens will use a TV station to destroy the world, unless wrestler Roddy Piper—making an arduous transition to movie star—can bring these mean E.T.s to their knees.

CHILD’S PLAY Brad Dourif plays a mass murderer with supernatural powers whose soul inhabits a toy doll. This makes life hell for a mother (Catherine Hicks) who buys the doll for her young son (Alex Vincent). Sorry, Mom, but it’s hell for the audience too.