September 06, 1999 12:00 PM

by Marian Keyes

Lucy Sullivan is not getting married, as the title would have you believe. But the narrator of Irish author Marian Keyes’s trifling second novel would most definitely like to wed. Single, saucy and 26, Lucy hates her job at a London collection agency but loves to party. When a tarot-card-reading fortune-teller predicts Lucy’s nuptials within a year, her girlfriends laugh in disbelief. But that’s our gullible hero.

In fact, the whole book has a distinctly unsophisticated feel to it. Keyes stereotypes Australians as overly robust, Scots as tight with money and Americans as rude. And as Lucy’s year slowly unfolds, and she addresses her alcoholism, family guilt and depression, the story displays all the nuance of an after-school TV special. Lucy and her pals are charming enough, but to American readers, their universe will seem oh so small. (Avon, $24)

Bottom Line: Too-simple tale of looking for Mr. Right

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