By People Staff
February 18, 1991 12:00 PM

by Robert Sternberg with Catherine Whitney

This book contains one idea that is stretched thin and taut and tiresome over almost 200 pages: The attributes that make for smashing success in the business world can sabotage one’s best and brightest at-tempts to forge romantic relationships.

There are diagrams, there are quizzes, there are lists of “love myths” that Yale psychologist Sternberg explodes—the notions, for example, that love conquers all, that living together before marriage provides a valid barometer of one’s chance for a durable marriage, that the best predictor of happiness in a relationship is how intensely the partners feel about each other. There are case histories served up to the reader in decorous, spoon-size portions, and there are chapters that offer suggestions for improving what the author refers to as “relationship intelligence.” Or as Sternberg puts it, “Let’s go into the Love Classroom and study the six lessons for Relationship Intelligence.” Let’s not. (Bantam. $18.95)