January 18, 1993 12:00 PM

Dan Baird

Every so often, a record comes along that plumbs the soul, wrestles with the great issues, gives deep meaning to your life. This is not one of those records. It’s better than that. Leave the serious stuff to Sting and Peter Gabriel. If Baird doesn’t solve the world’s problems, for 12 rip-roaring minutes he joyously drowns them out.

This is Baird’s first solo effort since departing the now defunct Georgia Satellites. As with that band, the bluesy rock here sounds like Keith Richards on a serious moonshine binge. Baird’s guitar slices recklessly through each of the 10 rowdy rock tunes. En route he tells some funny, folksy stories that fit the footloose music. In “Julie + Lucky” an ex-con and his girlfriend find true happiness at the local Stuckey’s. In “Knocked Up” the preacher’s daughter tells the narrator she’s on the pill. Not! The best tune, “I Love You Period,” shows guys with good grammar do get the girls.

Baird isn’t trying to enlighten anybody. He just wants people to lighten up. (Def American)

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