February 01, 1988 12:00 PM

Anita Pointer

On her first solo album, Pointer doesn’t set off any of the sparks she has generated with sisters Ruth and Bonnie in their trio act. The album does offer a rare ease and warmth, providing a little funk here, a little rock there, a bit of calypso, a touch of blues. The tunes often run on too long—four tracks last more than five minutes—and a duet with Philip Bailey suffers from some confusing moments, since Bailey’s voice often sounds higher than Pointer’s and when he goes falsetto, gender pandemonium sets in. But Pointer and producer Preston Glass have chosen an intelligent group of pop tunes, including the title track, a realistic Lorraine Bregante love song that includes the lines: “Well, the odds were against us, our love couldn’t be defined/I wasn’t the goddess of your dreams, you weren’t the hero in my mind.” The background vocals, provided by Pointer’s daughter Jada, 21, and Linda Green (the “Peaches” of Peaches and Herb), and a sax solo by Marc Russo on one track are welcome additions to an occasionally thin sound (Glass plays or synthesizes almost all the other instruments himself). Pointer has promised that she has not broken up the Sisters act, which is something to be thankful for, and she has flexed her individuality in a most entertaining fashion. (RCA)

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