September 10, 1984 12:00 PM

Syndicated (Check listings)

The sexual revolution has come to this: Lonely people will do anything, even humiliate themselves on national TV, just to get a date. Before the show the main contestant, male or female, is shown tapes of a trio of suitors. For instance, a waitress who says “I’ll do just about anything anybody wants” is offered one shy guy, one man who “always leaves women wanting more” and one “thoughtful playboy.” She chooses the playboy. The contestants then return to report on their dates. It’s not always pretty. The playboy had brought along his scrapbook of family snapshots for the waitress to look at. But they never got to their weekend hideaway because his car broke down. “Your date,” says the forever-tittering host, Chuck Woolery, “sounded like my first marriage.” Another woman reports on her date, at California’s John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana: “He had classic lines,” she says, like “he tried to guess my bra size.” Fun couples, every one. Then they’re offered a chance to go out again. The waitress and the playboy agree. The woman with the indeterminate bra size refuses. “I learned one thing,” she says wisely. “I’m not ready for this dating thing.” The camera, of course, focuses on the rejected suitor. The game, then, is to guess whether you’re going to hear hints of sexual (premarital) pleasures in motel rooms or see rejection in action. This is video voyeurism at its cringe-causing worst.

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