October 28, 1996 12:00 PM

by Mike Luckovich

A political cartoonist who is not all that preoccupied with politics, Luckovich, 36, draws wide-ranging syndicated panels that rival such contemporary cartoonists as Oliphant, Conrad and MacNelly in wit and versatility. This little collection—the first from Luckovich, who is based at the Atlanta Constitution—includes 50 of his best cartoons, which are generally bipartisan but more inclined to caustic takes on Dole than on Clinton. (Comic writer Al Franken writes a brief, specious introduction devoted mostly to extraneous Newt-bashing.)

Luckovich veers away from politics to touch subjects like TV (A little boy tells his parents, “Yo! I ought to slap you silly for doin’ the nasty with my wife’s transvestite love slave!!” whereupon his dad asks, “Has he been watching daytime talk shows?”). The artist also takes on players in the Simpson trial, smoking, JFK assassination fanatics and handgun fanciers. It’s good to be lucky, but it’s even better to be Luckovich and good. (Pocket, $10)

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