November 22, 1993 12:00 PM

Kirstie Alley, John Travolta

The surprise hit Look Who’s Talking featured a loquacious male infant; in the sequel there was a chatty female kid. Now, in this eager-lo-please if slickly packaged continuation of the saga, there are dishing dogs. Alley and Travolta are back as the parents of a 4-year-old daughter (Tabitha Lupien) who’s fixated on the Phoenix Suns and a 6-year-old son (David Gallagher) who’s determined to get a dog. Travolta is hired as the private pilot for a blond cosmetics tycoon (Lysette Anthony) who has designs on her newest employee. When she leaves her impeccably groomed poodle (the voice of Diane Keaton) with Alley and Travolta at the same time they bring home a dog-pound mutt (the voice of Danny DeVito), the class war begins. What transpires between the mismatched canines—he eats designer shoes; she has daily paw-dicures—is far funnier than what goes on with their masters. For example, there’s the night the bumptious DeVito-dog takes the disdainful Keaton-canine on the town and teaches her to enjoy the swinish things of life: going without a leash, rooting through the garbage outside Chinese restaurants for moo goo gai pan and sloshing through the mud. Dopey. Uh huh. But perfectly genial doggerel.(PG-13)

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