April 14, 2008 12:00 PM

Back after 16 years with Funplex, the band reflects on some of their patented hits.

“ROCK LOBSTER” (1979) “People ask, ‘Don’t you get sick of it?'” says Kate Pierson, 59. “And I’ve never gotten sick of it. It unleashes something in people. They let their freak flag fly when they hear it.”

“LOVE SHACK” (1989) “It gave new life to the band and put us back on the map,” recalls Cindy Wilson, 51. Adds Keith Strickland, 54: “I live in Key West [Florida] now and there’s a karaoke bar called Two Friends. I was riding my bike by it one night and there were about six or seven women onstage singing ‘Love Shack,’ and the whole place was singing [along]. It’s just one that stays alive.”

“CHANNEL Z” (1989) “Probably our most straightforward political song up until then,” says Fred Schneider, 56. “It was about the state of the country. And who knew nearly 20 years later it’d be worse?”

“ROAM” (1989) “A friend’s mother is a psychic,” says Pierson, “and when we were making the album [Cosmic Thing] she said, ‘You have to write two more songs.’ Then she said, ‘I just have two words: topaz and footprints.’ Then Robert Waldrop sent us lyrics to ‘Roam’ and we thought, ‘Oh my God, footprints … roam!'”

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