March 28, 1994 12:00 PM

Bonnie Raitt

Bluesy Bonnie is the proverbial honky-tonk angel. Her music can help you rattle the saloon walls till closing time, then soothe your jangled nerves in the harsh morning light.

Again, Raitt’s versatility is on exhibit in this 12-song collection, which ranges from such rave-ups as the tightly coiled, funky stomp of “Love Sneakin’ Up on You” to such disarming ballads as “You.” She is blessed with an innate soulfulness and an unmistakable voice—a smoky, single-malt libation that somehow manages to suggest both Newport and Shreveport.

Raitt is aided by Don Was’s judicious production. Not that Bonnie needs much help. When she’s in top form, she can deliver the wild and the mellow more nimbly than anyone in pop music. (Capitol)

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