February 06, 1989 12:00 PM

Popcorn—if you have to have it buttered or salted—is a no-no while watching this video. Instead, peel yourself a carrot stick and get ready to learn just about all there is to know about high blood pressure. Former tennis pro (and heart attack victim) Arthur Ashe, 45, plays host in this informative hour-long consultation. (It was adapted from a book on blood pressure written by three doctors.) Not that the ball is entirely in your court: Heredity, age and environment all play a role in high blood pressure. But so do salt intake, alcohol consumption, being overweight, stress and lack of exercise. By the time you’ve finished that carrot stick (you’ll need several), you will have heard all about the importance of taking any prescribed medication. (“Your medication is your life jacket, and you need to wear it every single day….”) On a trip to a grocery store, a bald Mister Rogers type points to the jellybean counter: “Major league trouble,” he warns darkly. All in all, the scare tactics do what they’re supposed to. Watch the video at night, and you may want to stroll out for a pressure reading the next morning. (Creative Street, $34.95; 317-926-9671)

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