January 28, 1991 12:00 PM

VH-1 (Sat., Jan. 26, 6 P.M. ET)


This diatribe against censorship uses a huffy Sandra Bernhard as its host. Focusing on recent legal skirmishes over obscenity, the show also employs a lively assemblage of clips and sound bites from an impressive roster of celebrities (from Mick Jagger to Bill Movers), all weighing in on the subject.

With her Gumby-lipped sneer firmly in place, Bernhard mounts a First Amendment soapbox, the better to shoot down at such barreled fish as ultraconservative Jesse Helms. The closest Bernhard comes to presenting both sides of the issue is this bit of sarcasm: “On one side you have book burners, congressional wives and Pat Robertson; on the other side you have vulgar comedians, foulmouthed rap groups and Dennis Hopper. All your choices should be so easy.”

The program might have been more thought provoking if it had carried more balance and less of Bernhardt contempt.

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