May 09, 1994 12:00 PM

The Neville Brothers

Like gumbo, the venerable Neville Brothers are one of New Orleans’ tastiest exports. This first live album in a decade, culled from various stops on their recent global tour, finds the four siblings living up to their reputation as a devastatingly good live act, navigating the warm waters of funk, pop, jazz and gospel with grace and passion. To listeners weaned on the computer-driven sterility of much of today’s black pop, the Neville Brothers’ organic approach and peace-brothers-and-sisters rhetoric may seem passé, and their back-dated bonhomie with its God-is-watching-you sermonizing can seem corny. But timeless songs like “Yellow Moon,” “Sister Rosa” and Aaron Neville’s honey-voiced interpretation of “Amazing Grace” go a long way toward explaining why these Renaissance soul men continue to attract new fans. (A & M)

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