By People Staff
October 31, 1983 12:00 PM

Pat Benatar

Most of this album—eight of its 10 tracks—consists of 1982-83 concert performances of Benatar hits. She’s a fiery, kinetic performer, and her live renditions of such past successes as Fire and Ice, Hit Me With Your Best Shot and Heartbreaker add a raw power missing from the studio versions. There are two new tunes, and they’re both typically aggressive, hot-tempered Benatar material. Love Is a Battlefield, already a hit, was written by Mike Chapman and Holly Knight. It is not demanding on the intellect—”We are strong/No one can tell us we’re wrong”—but it raises the pulse rate. Lipstick Lies, by Benatar and two of her bandsmen, Neil Geraldo and Myron Grombacher, has more substance in its lyric content but no energy in its execution. A casual Benatar follower might save money by buying the Love Is a Battlefield single and waiting for Lipstick Lies, but hardcore fans will want to hear the variations of the concert performances. In any case the uninitiated could profitably catch up on Benatar’s old hits and get a couple of new ones at the same time with this intense, heavy-on-the-throbs compilation.