>• Still living in Mumbai’s slums after her taste of Hollywood, Rubina Ali, 9, has come out with a memoir. She and coauthor Anne Berthod spoke with PEOPLE’s Aileen Wong.

HAS YOUR LIFE CHANGED? Rubina: People recognize me wherever I go. And my daddy is searching for a new house for us. Anne: [Slumdog director] Danny Boyle has proposed apartments, but she doesn’t want them—they’re too far from the slum.

DOES YOUR FAMILY HAVE MORE MONEY NOW? Anne: There is a trust she’ll get at 18. And now they can buy meat whenever they want. Rubina likes new clothes and makeup.

ARE YOU ACTING? Rubina: I’m concentrating on my studies. Anne: You have to speak perfect English to be an actress in India.

WHAT ARE YOUR DREAMS? Rubina: To be a very big star! Anne: Her father wants her to start wearing a burka. I told her no Bollywood actress wears a burka! She just said, “We’ll see.”

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