By People Staff
July 05, 2004 12:00 PM


Hey, pardners! You’re all from Texas. Your name is Lonestar. Ever hear of Bob Wills? Ernest Tubb? Tex Williams? Willie Nelson? Guy Clark? Pat Green? To judge from this disc, the quartet’s seventh, they’ve never heard of those authentic Texas troubadours. The 13 songs, all but one of which a Lonestar member had a hand in writing, tend to the routine. “County Fair,” for instance, has its vibrant moments but gets bogged down in uninspired lyrics: “Big top, big time, big crowd, big hair.” Meanwhile, both “Mr. Mom” and “Women Rule the World” go way out of their way to pander to the group’s female fans. The album’s highlight is “Let Them Be Little,” a sweet, poignant neolullaby by lead singer Richie McDonald and Billy Dean. In addition to serving as producer, Dann Huff plays electric guitar, joining an effective group of backup musicians that notably includes fiddler Rob Hajacos, mandolinist Jonathan Yudkin and keyboardist Matt Rollings. And southern states collide when Lonestar is joined by vocalist Randy Owen of Alabama on the lively “From Here to There.”