Nancy Davis

An MS patient for 14 years, Davis, 47 and the daughter of the late Hollywood financier Marvin Davis, has written a memoir with advice on coping with serious illness.

GETTING THE NEWS I was numb in my fingers after a ski accident; I thought it was from the injury. That’s when they discovered the MS.

TELLING THE KIDS In 1992 my sons were 6, 8 and 10. I’ve always told them as much as they could understand. I don’t think they saw me as sickly. Now they help with my fund-raiser, Race to Erase MS.

HEAL THYSELF? I surprise my doctors with my good health. I was told to go to bed in 1992, but I kept skiing and working out. Attitude is so important; I don’t like depression. And giving back [through her MS research foundation, Center Without Walls] has helped me.

STRESS LESS After I was diagnosed, I realized I had to end my marriage, which wasn’t working. Now I’m married to a great guy. We have twins, and I wouldn’t have had them if I didn’t think I would live to see them grow up.

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