May 21, 1990 12:00 PM

Laura Branigan

Lambada! No, wait a minute—wrong dance imperative. Get down!

This is a disco recidivist album, full of rhythm-defined dance pop—and very attractive rhythm-defined dance pop it is too, despite the fact that it seems a bit dated.

Branigan has a steely voice that can cut through the synthesizer overlay, and there are effective, rechargeable tunes, such as “Bad Attitude” (Paul Bliss—Stephen Kipner) and “Unison” ‘ (Bruce Roberts—Andy Goldmark). Oddly enough, the vintage disco tune “Turn the Beat Around,” a 1976 hit for Vicky Sue Robinson, seems on the lame and halt side, certainly nowhere near as effective as Branigan’s revival of “Name Game” on her previous album, Touch.

While Branigan tends toward the histrionic, her slower-tempo tunes—especially “Never in a Million Years”—make for effective pace changers amidst all the belting. She seems capable of moving out of dance mode one of these days. Laura is clearly not out to lull anyone with this album. At 32, she’s a little too mature to be Madonna and Paula Abdul‘s sorority sister and not quite mature enough to be their housemother, but there’s a relationship there somewhere. (Atlantic)

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