By People Staff
November 19, 2001 12:00 PM

Shakira (Epic)

She’s got the rage, the range and the rapid-fire lyrics about callous ex-lovers: Meet the Latin Alanis Morissette. Shakira is a Colombian-born artist whose eclectic English-language debut opens with “Objection,” an incendiary message to the man she booted out of her life. Think “You Oughta Know” set to a fusion of Argentine tango and rock. On the whirling, Arabic-flavored dance number “Eyes Like Yours,” the singer-songwriter nimbly switches to bittersweet in a song about a lost love. And on such upbeat pop songs as “Ready for the Good Times,” Shakira, 24, roars, “I don’t wanna look at fashion magazines/While someone does my nails/ Sitting here watching other people live/Frozen by the fear to fail.”

Luckily for Shakira, failure does not appear to be an option. Success in the States awaits.

Bottom Line: Language no barrier for Shakira