By People Staff
November 08, 1993 12:00 PM

The Breeders

Formed in 1990, when Kim Deal was on sabbatical from playing bass with the Pixies and Tanya Donelly was on loan from Throwing Muses, this female-led alternative quartet released the critically acclaimed Pod. The future looked promising until Donelly formed Belly and the Pixies disbanded. So, Deal recruited her identical twin, Kelley, original bass player Josephine Wiggs and drummer Jim Macpherson.

Following the Breeders’ impressive EP Safari, released last year, Last Splash crackles with the same punk enthusiasm and more pronounced hooks. The group never seems to be reaching for a sound; it just happens. Witness the catchy “Cannon ball.” With its seesaw bass, twirling guitar and barely discernible lyrics, everything converges with potent unity. The simulated underwater vocals and languid pacing on “I Just Wanna Get Along” may make you think your CD is warped. And “Divine Hammer” is like the Go-Go’s with altitude sans the coiffed hair and fixed smiles.

This is a pop band with penetrating energy. And they’ve delivered a smart disc without selling out to the charts. (Elektra)