June 12, 1995 12:00 PM

The Rembrandts

Fans of TV’s Friends may be eager to hear the Rembrandts perform “I’ll Be There for You,” their catchy theme for the NBC sitcom (which, ironically, was added to L.P. at the last minute, after the show became a hit). But those who cut to the theme song will miss the highlights of the group’s third album. L.P.’s, terrific opener, “End of the Beginning,” is a moody rocker that weaves an atmosphere of longing, the voices of band members Phil Solem and Danny Wilde entwined and deliriously spiraling. The wailing desperation of “Call Me” and Beatles-esque harmonies of the devious “My Own Way” also stand out. So although L.P. gets a little help from Friends, it can stand quite nicely on its own. (East West/EEG)

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