June 01, 1998 12:00 PM


Setting out to explore the doomed love of grunge god Kurt Cobain and rocker-singer Courtney Love, British director Nick Broomfield (Fetishes) doggedly, blindly pursued every bit of information that came his way—and ended up with this amusing, scandalmongering piece of poppycock. Broomfield, who looks and sounds like a seedier James Mason, interviews a bizarre cast of characters, including two stalkerazzi; a gumshoe who harbors dark, implausible suspicions about Cobain’s 1994 suicide; and Love’s estranged father, who boasts of having once scared her out of the house with pit bulls. The movie isn’t so much about Kurt or Courtney as it is about shabby lives in the shadow of fame. (Not rated)

Bottom Line: Weirdly watchable

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