February 12, 2007 12:00 PM

by Nuruddin Farah



Internationally acclaimed author Farah crafts a haunting portrait of a progressive Somali-born woman desperate to make a difference in her native Mogadiscio. Now living comfortably in Toronto but tortured by memories of her son’s tragic death and her husband’s constant abuse, Cambara veils herself to return to her repressive, war-torn homeland. Fighting to recover a family home seized by warlords, she bonds with two lost boys and joins forces with other peace-seekers. In diamond-cut prose, Farah—a Somali who has vowed “to keep my country alive by writing about it”—reveals a world where women are raped and beaten, boys pack guns and Islamic factions threaten. Knots is a brutal, beautiful, unforgettable unveiling of a volatile city and a complex woman “risking her life in order to get the better of her loss.”


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