What prompted you to write a memoir?

One reason is I want my kids to know what it took to make it. It wasn’t always easy for me.

How did being born with a deformity that left you deaf in one ear affect you?

My childhood was pretty painful. I thought success and fame would make people wish they were nicer to me.

Why music?

Music is my air. I grew up listening to Beethoven. When I heard the Beatles, I said, “I can do that—I can touch that nerve.”

After 40 years, why has the music of KISS lasted?

We sing about timeless things—self-empowerment, believing in yourself.

What are you listening to these days?

Led Zeppelin, Beethoven, the Beatles, Tony Bennett, Humble Pie.

How does family life compare to your heyday as a rock god?

No complaints. Last night I was throwing pizza dough in the air! I just love to cook.

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