October 13, 1997 12:00 PM

Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd

Kiss the Girls is yet another sicko thriller squarely aimed at Ted Bundy wannabes. Freeman, better here than his material, plays a forensic psychologist with the Washington police who travels to Durham, N.C., after his college-student niece disappears. Several other fetching local babes have also gone missing. All have been kidnapped by a mysterious creep who turns them into sex slaves and, if they disobey him, murders them. Why doesn’t Hollywood, if it. is so stuck on’ sadistic voyeurism like this, ever make movies in which buff, cute guys are stalked by a wacko gal (or man) who then fondles, rapes, tortures and kills them? Just asking.

It is a measure of Kiss’s dumbness that Judd, playing a doctor targeted by the kidnapper, is first seen saving the life of a little girl who was severely injured after being thrown, helmetless, from a motorcycle and then, in the very next scene, is shown kick boxing without protective headgear. (R)

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