By People Staff
April 03, 1995 12:00 PM

Faith No More

Faith No More is sure hard to pin down. Perverse neo-punkers, funksters or thrash metalheads one moment, semiconventional rockers or a bunch of loony lounge lizards the next, and sometimes all of the above in the space of 3 ½ minutes. (Remember 1990’s Top 10 “Epic”?) They even had the nerve to do a straight-faced cover of the Commodores’ cheesy ’70s soul classic “Easy” a few years back.

Although King for a Day is a comedown from 1992’s superb, damn near orchestral Angel Dust, it finds the band still taking enough sharp left turns (especially with the pensive, curiously titled “Caralho Voador” and “Star A.D.,” which should be the score for the next Bond flick) to leave their pierced, tattooed constituency alternately smiling and scratching their heads in the mosh pit. More content playing the fool than acting like a king, frontman Mike Patton will say anything—”Don’t look at me/I’m ugly in the morning” is only the beginning—and his over-the-top ranting on hyperactive numbers like “Get Out” and “Cuckoo for Caca” nearly makes Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor sound like the calm voice of reason. (Slash/Reprise)