By People Staff
August 27, 1979 12:00 PM

by Linda Foa and Geri Brin

For those who have mastered parenting in the abstract, here is a guide to tools of the trade, especially home furnishings for children. The eight chapters cover everything from storage and surfaces to eating and sleeping equipment. Each chapter has a concise, practical and sometimes entertaining preface on children’s apparent wants and needs, such as “Kids don’t have to sleep in beds all the time…Have you ever considered hanging a hammock across a child’s room?” (Maybe the prefaces aren’t all practical.) The authors, both journalists specializing in home furnishings, sought help from educators, designers, parents and psychologists in selecting 300 products, with a description, price, manufacturer’s name and address for each. Kids’ Stuff is no consumer’s guide. But as a catalogue of what’s available, it could be useful on those expensive trips to the furniture store. (Pantheon, $17.95; $8.95 soft)