January 20, 2014 12:00 PM



The first season of The Following was insanely creepy. What’s new for season 2?

There are a lot of characters pretending to be something that they’re not, including mine [former FBI agent Ryan Hardy]. We get a fresh start, and my character’s in much better shape this year.

Did you have to work out?

I didn’t transform myself, but I started running a lot more. There are foot chases, and I like to go all out if I can.

Your wife, Kyra Sedgwick, played a cop for years on The Closer. Did she help you with this role?

She taught me what it was like to be the lead on a show, and I even got to direct her show a few times.

Are you enjoying life on the small screen?

It’s sort of a golden age for television. I watch so much TV now!

And your daughter Sosie, 21, was recently named Miss Golden Globe.

She’s excited, so it’s great. I always say you’re only as happy as your least happy child.

Do fans send a lot of bacon gifts?

Yes! The other day someone dropped off bacon macarons in my trailer.

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