By Leah Rozen Lesley Messer
January 29, 2007 12:00 PM


Seven years ago, he was the green Power Ranger on kids’ TV. Now, as Effie’s songwriting brother C.C. in Dreamgirls, Robinson, 33, says, “I’m showing the world what I’m capable of.”

HOW WAS WORKING IN TV? Power Rangers was my first gig. I look at it as an internship because it got my technique up. [The 1960s-set NBC series] American Dreams was art that mattered. I felt like my grandfather in that era.

DO YOU GET TEASED ABOUT POWER RANGERS? All the time! Jennifer [Hudson] poked fun at me.

WHAT WAS DREAMGIRLS‘SET LIKE? Really fun and comfortable. Jamie [Foxx] and I were always cracking jokes and making up songs. On my birthday we tried our hardest to get Beyoncé to sing a goofy song we made up, but she couldn’t handle it!

WHAT’S NEXT? A prequel to Lonesome Dove. I am [Dreamgirls co-star] Danny Glover’s character. The night before I read, Danny put in a good word for me. Maybe that helped a little bit.