By People Staff
August 27, 1979 12:00 PM

George Burns at 83 says he’d like to make a movie with a woman his age—”only there are no women my age.” That explains, more or less, his collaboration with Brooke Shields, 14. The minimal plot line centers on Shields, who manages to play the ingenue while running from a drug dealer she’s robbed of $20,000. Burns, an aging vaudevillian, finds her hiding in his car, and his daughter, Lorraine (Jaws) Gary, suspects that something is going on between them. Most of the gags between Burns and his nymphet are predictable. (When asked if she can breathe in the trunk of his car, Brooke tells Burns, “I can make it if you can.”) Though obviously not laugh-a-minute stuff, it’s good, clean fun for kids. Their parents will be pleased to catch Ray Bolger and Burl Ives as George’s cronies. (PG)